destiel, you mean that much to me

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*waves* hai guys, it's been a while right? I'm sorry I haven't updated at all, tw_comic  needs alot more love than I've given it and I intend to start posting comics again asap! YAY. Moar Jack/Ianto loving, lol :)

I thought you may be interested to know I have got a new fanart / fan fiction community, I've started to get back into drawing and I'd love it if you guys  followed me there as well. I will still be posting my TWCOMICS here.

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Also, does anyone have any requests for a comic, or any ideas they want to throw at me? I can't gaurentee I'll do them all, but suggestions are most welcome.
destiel, you mean that much to me

Merry Christmas

So being in the Christmas spirit, I decided I’m going to make a special comic over the next few days. It would help if you could comment with your favourite pairings from Torchwood or Doctor Who. Obviously Jack/Ianto, but I need others as well :p

Comment away! :D
destiel, you mean that much to me


So I completely forgot I had even opened up a shop on When I went on it today, I noticed that a lot of people have already bought things! I was soo surprised :D

See my shop here.

Anyway, I may buy space on it so I can add more items, that is, if anyone is interested. There is no point in me doing so if no one will buy anything, as I don't want to waste money. But, if I was to add more items, what characters would you like to see on them from my tw_comic's? Or perhaps you would prefer quotes?

Any help would be appreciated. I'd love to know what you guys think! :)
destiel, you mean that much to me

The silliness has returned!

I wanted to do something Halloween themed, but I haven't had enough time recently to do much of anything. I know it's been months since I promised the X-Files comic, but here it is finally.  Enjoy! And don't forget to join tw_comic for updates.

I had so much fun drawing comic Mulder and Scully. I may decide to open up requests to other fandoms if anyone is interested.

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As usual comments would be loved :)
destiel, you mean that much to me


I'm on hiatus for 6 weeks as I'm going on holiday later today to Turkey. But don't worry I shall be doodling whilst I'm away, and will return with a new comic. I hope you all enjoy the Summer holidays. Thanks for all your lovely comments, it really means the world to me. Bye. :)